Our System Engineers have decades of collective experience developing systems servicing Medical, Automotive, Aviation, Optoelectronics, Telecommunications, Mining, Construction, Energy and Environment.


We can:

- Design, supply, develop and document your Turnkey System

- Help you prototype your concept, don’t spend a fortune on custom electronics, use off the shelf solutions.

- Design and develop an in Circuit Test (ICT) system including jigs and test fixtures.

- Hook your transducers into a measurement system to provide, logging, automation, analysis, reporting, and control.

- Provide IoT solutions and wireless sensor networks for remote control and logging.

- Connect just about anything to a computer, write a driver, provide a user Interface etc.

- Develop machine vision and motion control systems such as inspection, pattern matching, sorting, optical character recognition and robotics.

- Provide Industrial Automation and Control solutions using Programmable Automation Controllers.

- Develop and supply Real Time and FPGA solutions that provide high speed industrial deterministic measurement and control.

Medulla Technologies Pty Ltd

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